On behalf of Kilung Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Lineage Master and teacher, the Pema Kilaya organization, and his students and friends, we announce our first Naga Treasure Offering on Tuesday, May 30th. This tradition involves circumnavigating Whidbey Island for the purpose of acknowledging and paying respect to the natural environment. There will be approximately 60 people aboard the Mystic Sea, the whale watching vessel, and we will be leaving Anacortes at 8 am and returning sometime around 6 – 8 pm in the evening.

We will be sending heartfelt healing prayers back to the ocean and to all beings in order to repair and heal the disturbances caused by humans. Rinpoche cautions us that if we continuously destroy the natural environment without any respect or concern, surely there will be consequences. And the result could mean suffering for the human beings of our generation and for coming generations, as well as for all the wildlife on this earth.
He asks us to be mindful and to respect and behave well towards the earth, that we may stop perpetually mining and destroying the natural minerals of our earth, our oceans, lakes, and rivers, and all bodies of water, which all living beings need to survive.

This is also an invitation to take this harmony and balance into our daily lives, to wake up to compassion in action. We need to send these prayers out continuously in order to be in right relationship with nature, the elements and each other. Being kind to nature is being kind to oneself.

These waters have been home and livelihood to the Samish people for countless centuries. Joining Kilung Rinpoche on this journey will be Rosie Cayou and her niece Kelly Hall. Rosie is an elder of the Samish Indian Nation. She is a holder of the culture and Cultural Outreach Manager for the tribe. Kelly is a holder of the language.  Rosie is known for sharing the stories of her ancestors and the way of life of her people. She recently was the opening speaker for the Penn Cove Water Festival in Coupeville.



Our wish is to share this happening with all of you. We invite you all to follow our progress around the island, and then come out to the various beaches and docks or even get into your boats and kayaks and ride out near the Mystic Sea and meet us. Together we will acknowledge our connection to one another and to this mission of sharing respect for the gifts we all receive from the seas, the water, the earth, and all living beings in our world.


To track the progress of the voyage of the Mystic Sea around the island, you can go to www.vesselfinder.com and type in “Mystic Sea”  — MMSI# 367114690, or you can use the “Marine Traffic-Ship Tracking” app.


Ongoing activities during the circumnavigation of Whidbey Island will be shared HERE

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