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New York and Boston teachings with Kilung Rinpoche, March 2018

Kilung Rinpoche, accompanied by Jeanne Lepisto, Kilung Foundation’s Co-Executive Director, had a very activeĀ visitĀ to New York City and Boston, Massachusetts. Between March 15-25, at least 300 people were present at 9 events. Rinpoche and Jeanne arrived an hour early from Denmark Thursday, March 15. It was good that Frank Ryan and Susan Ryan also felt they should be at JFK early to pick them up. Rinpoche’s teachings in New York were supported by Frank, Susan, and Lila Kate Wheeler who all traveled south to participate and rejoice. In Manhattan, Rinpoche was hosted by Josh Baran, who has attended two DzogchenĀ EastĀ retreats…

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