Creating the space for a ceremony

If possible, set up a dedicated space for your ceremony where you are removed from your household and everyday activities and have good internet access.

Create an inspiring environment. You may want to include beautiful and inspiring images and thangkas, for example, the Buddha, Padmasambhava, lineage masters, the Refuge tree, etc. You may want to make offerings e.g. flowers, bowls with saffron water, incense, food.

For a refuge ceremony, have a pair of clean sharp scissors, an envelope and a khata readily available if you wish.

This is a special occasion, so please dress accordingly, as if you were coming to the temple.

Rinpoche may recite from our prayer book linked HERE. Please have this available.

When on Zoom, please behave as if you were in the temple receiving teachings from Rinpoche.

Here are a few essential points to minimize distraction for yourself and others. Please

  • familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform prior to the ceremony.
  • when on Zoom, please ensure that you have good lighting to allow Rinpoche to see your face clearly.

To limit distractions and stay focused, please

  • mute yourself.
  • turn off all applications on the device (computer/tablet/phone) you are using, and turn off other devices unless you need one for the prayer book.
  • set up your device on a stable surface and do not move it around when online.
  • stop your video if you move around during the teachings and ceremony. Try to eliminate the possibility for these interruptions.
  • don’t eat during the ceremony.

Offerings to Rinpoche:

Offering a khata and dana to Rinpoche at the end of the ceremony is traditional if you feel moved to do so. You can offer dana by clicking HERE. If you have a khata, please have it ready. We will offer our khatas to Rinpoche together online.

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