Pema Kilaya Death and Dying Project

Kilung Rinpoche initiated the Pema Kilaya Death and Dying Project in 2015 in order to provide guidance and focus to his students regarding spiritual preparation for death. In keeping with the spiritual importance death holds in Tibetan Buddhist teachings,
the project has developed resources to help prepare for dying and death in order to benefit oneself and others.

The project is pleased to release the booklet “Inspiration and Guidance for Death and Dying,”
providing key points of spiritual encouragement and guidance from Kilung Rinpoche
about preparing for one’s own death and helping others who are dying or dead.

Download “Inspiration and Guidance for Death and Dying (May 2017)” HERE.

If you would like more information about the Pema Kilaya Death and Dying Project, or to purchase a hard copy of this booklet, email

Pema Kilaya Sangha members have access to additional resources about death and dying, including the website

Feel free to contact with any questions regarding member access or resources.

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