How to ZOOM into Monday Meditation

Zoom is online video conferencing software. Before you use Zoom for the first time, please take the time in advance to download Zoom and familiarize yourself with how it works. You can join Zoom and download the software HERE.

Before each Monday meditation, we will send out a unique Zoom link to use to join. Please email to receive the weekly link, or sign up for our weekly Monday Meditation email HERE. Due to increased security controls by Zoom, participants will go to a “waiting room” prior to the meditation being opened.

We are unable to do any tech support right before or during the meditation. We can only field tech support issues well in advance (email with your question or problem), or afterwards should there be problems. If you have technical difficulties during the meditation, we apologize, but cannot interrupt the meditation to troubleshoot anything.

Also, you must mute your mic when you are on Zoom so as to ensure you don’t unintentionally disturb the meditation. However, with new protocols right now, all meditators will be muted by default.

Dza Kilung Rinpoche gives a short dharma talk at the beginning of the meditation, which is followed by 45 – 50 minutes of silent meditation. Occasionally Rinpoche will say something, but in case you think you aren’t hearing anything, it’s because it is a silent meditation.

To give dana (offering) to Kilung Rinpoche for his teachings,
and contribute to the costs of providing the technology for online teachings,
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