Spiritual Offerings at the Kilung Monastery

In times of need, we may wish to turn toward spiritual community, to monks who have dedicated themselves to the Buddhist understanding of life. The power of prayer, mantra, and intention weave together an ancient and compassionate remedy to alleviate suffering and bring blessing.

Kilung Monastery monks offer Prayers, Pujas, and Butterlamps for various kinds of life needs. These practices are done daily at the monastery for local community, with increasing numbers of requests internationally. Other spiritual offerings that are available at the Kilung Monastery include Prayer Flags, and Animal Release.

Prayers for Healing
Daily for one year, by all monks of the monastery, $108 minimum donation.

Prayers to Remove Obstacles
Daily for one year, by all monks of the monastery, $108 minimum donation.

Tibetan Practice for the Deceased
The traditional Tibetan end of life practice, known as Shitro, lasts for 49 days, with a final ceremony on the 50th day. Depending on the wishes of the family or friends, various elements can be requested, from the simple request for one small butter lamp for 49 days, to the elaborate.

$100     49 Butter Lamps, large, one each day

$45     49 Butter Lamps, small, one each day

$65     108 Butter Lamps, small, for 50th day concluding practice

$260   Puja for 49 Days by all monks of the monastery

$85      Puja on the 50th Day by 5 monks

$380   Puja on the 50th Day by all monks of the monastery

Open Donation – Shitro Prayers can be offered in memory of an individual at any time, even years after their death. Butter lamp offerings for any length of time can also be made.

Instructions for requesting pujas or prayers
After you have determined the prayers and pujas you would like to order, send us the following information by e-mail or phone:

  • First and last name of person receiving prayers
  • Age (approx) and location of person receiving prayers,
  • For healing: illness with brief details if needed.
  • For obstacle removal: a brief story of why prayers are needed.
  • For end of life practices: date and time of death, and cause of death.

Send your donation through the Kilung Foundation donation link HERE

If you have any questions, please contact us at kilungvalley@gmail.com

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