Chotrul Duchen
Full Moon Day of the 1st Tibetan month: February 27th

To include the worldwide sangha, the zoom celebration will be
Friday, February 26th
5:30 – 7 pm PT
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Chotrul Duchen, the ‘Festival of Miracles’

is one of the four festivals in the year commemorating
the most significant events in the life of the Buddha. 

Chotrul Duchen occurs on the full moon (the 15th day) of the first Tibetan month.
The first 15 days of the Tibetan New Year celebrate the 15 days on which,
in order to increase the merit and the devotion of future disciples,
Buddha Shakyamuni displayed a different miracle.

Chotrul Duchen, like the other festivals
(Saga Dawa Duchen, Chokhor Duchen, and Lhabab Duchen),
is a “ten million multiplier” day, when all positive and negative actions
are multiplied ten million times.
It is therefore a very good day to engage in positive activities and practice.

Chotrul Duchen is also known as the “Butter Lamp” Festival.
In addition to practice, mantras and meditation,
lighting many candles is of great benefit.

At this auspicious time,
if you would also like to donate towards statues
of the First Kilung Rinpoche
that are now being made in Dzachuka,
please click HERE.
One will bless our temple here on Whidbey Island
and one will be in the Kilung Shedra in Dzachuka.



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