These photos were uploaded during the cruise… start from the bottom of the post.


6 pm Arrival back in Anacortes

5:40 Feast!

5:30 pm Closing teaching

Share the energy to benefit nature and be the causes of happiness. Bring this awareness into your daily life to benefit allĀ brings.

5:20 pm Appreciations

5 pm. Dissolution of the sand mandala.

4:35 pm Dedications and Long life prayers ended just as we entered DeceptionĀ Pass! Stay tuned for photos of the passage through both ways.

4:25 pm. Concluding prayers

4:15 pm.

May there be peace on earth.Ā 
4 pm. Continued practice. Offering of treasure vases and sea shells as we go along the coastline nearĀ the Naval Air Station.

3:55 pm. Wrapping lynn and Nan in blanket of the Samish Nation

3:40 pm Sharing and gratitude from Rosie, Kelly and Adam. Appreciation for whales, for fulfilling life long dream of circumnavigating Whidbey.

3:30 pm. Ā Teaching on nature and connection to nature.

Offering of gratitude and khataks and gifts to Rosie, Kelly and Adam


3:15 pm. As pass by Ebey’s Landing, more offerings of treasure vases, prayers and flower petals.

3:10 pm. Offering treasure vases with special relics from Mt. Kailash

2:55 Silent meditation on compassion on the way to Fort Casey, past Port Townsend ferry.

2:45 pm

Offering crystals while chanting Prajnaparamita mantra

2:30 pm Distributing crystals while passing South Whidbey State Park

2:15 pm

Heart Sutra practice

1:40 to 2:10

Orcas at Double Bluff and Bush point

Adam sings a native people’s song to the whales.

1:20 pm. Sea lions, and more treasure vase offerings at Possession Point.

12:50 pm. Passing Clinton Ferry and offering treasure vases and prayers near the shoreline below Yeshe Long.

12:20 pm Sharing about the marine biology of the Salish Sea by Dan Matlock – the ocean is all interconnected.

Offering more treasure vases, prayers and flower petals



Off the shore of Langley greeted by swimmer

11:45 First treasure vases and flower petals offered

11:30Ā passing Greenbank

11:20 Naga ceremony and mantra


10 am

Ceremony at Deception Pass

Finishing the sand mandala 9:30


Coming out of the channel 9:15 am

Coming up on La Connor 9 am




Sand mandala almost done.Ā 

Passing through Swinomish Channel, past oil refineries, on the way to La Connor, all while making sand mandala


8 am heading out to begin the circumnavigation

May 30th – 6:30 am


May 29th: Preparations on the Mystic Sea.


This page will give you the latest information on where the Mystic Sea is, and what the activities are during the circumnavigation.

Stay tuned… The cruise begins at 8 am on Tuesday, May 30.

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