Help Sponsor a Wall of Light at the new Yeshe Long Temple


Dear Sangha and Friends of Kilung Foundation,

Help us light up the new temple at Yeshe Long! 

Sponsor one or more of the 216 beautiful small glass statues
that Dza Kilung Rinpoche has selected to adorn our new shrine room.

There will be 108 statues on each side of the room,
including Green Tara, Guru Rinpoche, Vajrasattava, Manjushri
and Medicine Buddha.

Each statue is approximately 4 inches high and will be lit up in one of the five colors,
together radiating a rainbow of blessings.


$40 per statue

Please indicate ‚Äúglass statues‚ÄĚ and which deity you would like to sponsor.

Rinpoche has shared that sponsoring statues is a way of generating merit.
It is an opportunity to make an auspicious connection (tendril) with the deity
of your chosen statue, or to dedicate merit in honor of a loved one,
toward their health, long life, or accomplishment
(example, Medicine Buddha for health, Vajrasattva for purification, etc).

May all beings benefit!

DONATE HERE to sponsor one of these glass statues for the new temple.

Sacred Objects for Yeshe Long Temple

We are delighted to announce that we are approaching a significant milestone ‚Äď the completion of the temple at Yeshe Long, Dza Kilung Rinpoche’s dharma seat in the West. We anticipate the construction of the temple will be finished by the end of December 2018. Click HERE for more photos. For this beautiful and inspiring temple, we are grateful for Rinpoche‚Äôs enlightened vision and for the exceptional generosity of Nancy Nordhoff and Lynn Hays.

Now that the temple is nearing completion, we have an extraordinary opportunity. Rinpoche has turned his attention to finding and purchasing the treasures that will grace our beautiful space.

This is a rare opportunity to participate with devotion and with pure intention in bringing these exquisite thangkas, statues, implements and rugs from the East to Yeshe Long and to fully join in the creation of our temple. In bringing these sacred energies to Yeshe Long, we are supporting Kilung Rinpoche to fulfill his role as a lineage master of the Longchen Nyingtik tradition for the benefit of all beings.


Click HERE for more photos of the beautiful sacred items that Rinpoche has selected. They are hand-made of the finest materials by artisans in Nepal. The total cost is $30,000. Any donations great or small are most welcome!

To be part of creating tendrel, the connection with these sacred Vajrayana objects, you may dedicate your contribution for any purpose close to your heart, such as the benefit of specific beings, all beings, repayment of karmic debts, dissolution of obstacles, or to celebrate the completion of a practice.

Click HERE to make your offering via Paypal, check/bank draft, cash or stock transfer. Please indicate “Temple Sacred Fund” on your donation.

We expect to have all items in place for the consecration sometime this spring, so all donations would be appreciated by the end of February 2019. If you have any questions about contributions, email

Pema Kilaya has immense gratitude for the generosity of all those who share in the bringing of these sacred object to the Yeshe Long temple!




Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Kilung Shedra and Community Center


The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Kilung Shedra and Community Center construction
will be on June 17th, the day of the Buddha’s First Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma.

There will be ceremonies and prayers to start the construction and to commemorate the day. Many high lamas from across the Dzachuka region will be invited to the festivities and will attend the groundbreaking.

We can join in this celebration on Saturday, June 16th, at 5:30 pm at Yeshe Long, which would be 9:30 am, July 17th, in Dzachuka. Please join us if you can, by attending in person or zooming (zoom link is We will be reciting Vajra Guru mantras and other prayers suggested by Rinpoche.

Vajra Daka Retreat, April 20 – 24, with Dza Kilung Rinpoche

Rinpoche led a Vajra Daka Retreat at a resort facility in Ocean Shores, Washington. Fourteen men attended the retreat.

The gathering employed a familiar Pema Kilaya retreat format, with a meditation, breakfast and Riwo Sangchod preceding the morning teaching. After lunch was a work period, meditation, interviews with Rinpoche and then a late afternoon teaching and Q & A with Rinpoche. Evening practice followed dinner.

Two-fold focus of Dza Kilung Rinpoche’s teachings:
Each morning ‚Äď Garab Dorje‚Äôs 3 Words that Strike the Vital Point
Each afternoon ‚Äď Application of the 4 Karmas to Everyday Life

Rinpoche included commentaries on both subjects, Paltrul Rinpoche’s commentary The Special Teaching of the Wise and Glorious King, and Songtsen Gampo’s commentary on The Four Activities. Each of the karmas (or activities) were considered in terms of the outer meaning, inner meaning, innermost meaning, absolute meaning, figurative meaning, and symbolic meaning.

Dza Kilung Rinpoche facilitated far-reaching discussions on the interplay between feminine and masculine energies, developments regarding social questions of gender equity and inclusion, and cultural patterning throughout both North America and Tibet. All of these discussions occurred within the context of a strong practice container, as well as Kilung Rinpoche’s ever-present atmosphere of empathy and compassion.

New York and Boston teachings with Kilung Rinpoche, March 2018

Kilung Rinpoche, accompanied by Jeanne Lepisto, Kilung Foundation’s Co-Executive Director, had a very active¬†visit¬†to New York City and Boston, Massachusetts. Between March 15-25, at least 300 people were present at 9 events.

Rinpoche and Jeanne arrived an hour early from Denmark Thursday, March 15. It was good that Frank Ryan and Susan Ryan also felt they should be at JFK early to pick them up. Rinpoche’s teachings in New York were supported by Frank, Susan, and Lila Kate Wheeler who all traveled south to participate and rejoice.

In Manhattan, Rinpoche was hosted by Josh Baran, who has attended two Dzogchen East retreats and helped Lila to plan out and arrange the New York visit. On Friday, Rinpoche held a Q and A for invited students at Khachod Dechen Ling, a consecrated temple that is also the personal home of Ani Bhadri. Later that afternoon, he offered a talk and guided meditation on The Relaxed Mind for about 40 members and guests of the Assemblage, a new deluxe co-working office space in Midtown.

Saturday, Rinpoche led a daylong retreat on The Relaxed Mind for 33 students at MNDFL meditation studio in Greenwich Village (they had to bring in extra cushions due to interest).

Sunday, the curator of the Rubin Museum’s Padmasambhava exhibit offered us a private tour before Rinpoche’s public conversation with prizewinning brain scientist Gyorgyi Buszaki, part of the museum’s Brain Waves program. Their conversation on the nature of time had one main point of agreement:¬† timelessness. The lively audience of 150 occasionally offered spontaneous comments.

After driving to the Boston area that night, Kilung Rinpoche’s events began with a Monday evening Dharma talk on The Relaxed Mind for at least 60 people at Boston Center for Contemplative Practice (BCCP) in Newton, where Jim Rosen and Susan Ryan also hold Relaxed Mind classes.

Tuesday, by invitation from Daniel Aitken, publisher at of Wisdom Publications, Rinpoche recorded a podcast that is still being edited — we will let you know when it is released.¬† In person and by Zoom Rinpoche taught about 30 members of 3 local Relaxed Mind groups led by Shana Klinger, Jim Rosen and Susan Ryan, and Lila Kate Wheeler.

Rinpoche was also able to make a personal visit to Tulku Thondup before the 5-day East Coast Dzogchen retreat, held once again at Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, south of Boston. This year 50 new and old students, a record number for us, received reading transmission, practical instructions and Rinpoche’s original commentary on Gongpa Rangdrol, The Naturally Liberated Wisdom Mind, by Dza Patrul Rinpoche.

Jeanne, Shana, and Jim also did a presentation for folks interested in joining Pema Kilaya Sangha and in a teaching relationship with Kilung Rinpoche. There was also a progress report and fundraising for the Shedra.

The overall retreat and visit were organized by Ilona Anderson, Tom Curlin, Frank Ryan, Susan Ryan, and Lila Kate Wheeler. Rinpoche and Jeanne boarded an airplane soon after the retreat closed to continue benefiting beings to the West.

We are so grateful to Rinpoche for his ongoing support, and to Jeanne as well for making things work out on so many levels.

~~~Lila Kate Wheeler

H.E. Dza Kilung Rinpoche’s teachings in Denmark, March, 2018

Retreat in Aarhus, Denmark

March 3rd¬†‚Äď 8th

It was white and cold in Aarhus when Kilung Rinpoche and Jeanne Lepisto arrived in¬†√ėsal Ling. But inside, there was lots of warmth in the participants hearts as well as in their bodies.

During the week, we had a wonderful time with Rinpoche, working with the words of Patrul Rinpoche (The Heart Essence of the Enlightened Ones). Also, we were fortunate to have Jeanne kindly guiding us through some dharma subjects.

This retreat was a great opportunity for all of us, to share the love and kindness that Kilung Rinpoche and Jeanne Lepisto presented to us. We look forward to next time.

With love and respect,
On behalf of Osal Ling and the Sangha in Aarhus
Jona Ingolfsdottir


Rinpoche’s teachings in Copenhagen March 9 Р15

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