with Dza Kilung Rinpoche

Saturday, May 13 – Sunday, May 14

at Phagtsok Gedun Chöling Temple
& Online

We warmly invite all those interested in Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice to join
H.E. Dza Kilung Rinpoche
for a weekend of teachings on the
Path of Wisdom.

You may attend all or part of the weekend.
Four half-day teachings:
Practices to Access Who We Truly Are
Calligraphy Workshop
The Pursuit of Happiness
Honoring All Our Mothers


Practices to Access Who We Truly Are
Saturday morning, May 13:  10 am – 12 noon PDT

Your essence is empty, your nature is radiant clarity,
and together these are infused with the heart of compassion.
In everyday life, how do we allow these three aspects of our real selves
to shine through and to be of benefit to ourselves and others?
What are some practices we can do to access who we truly are?

Calligraphy Workshop
Saturday afternoon, May 13:  1:30 pm – 3:30 pm PDT

Rinpoche will demonstrate Tibetan Seed Syllable calligraphy.
Please have your own supplies (paper, pens, brush, ink, etc.).
We will provide more info about supplies when you register.

The Pursuit of Happiness
Sunday morning, May 14:  10 am – 12 noon PDT

Rinpoche teaches about the pitfalls of the pursuit of “happiness” –
always looking outside ourselves to be satisfied or content, and
how to bring both happiness and suffering to the path.

Honoring All Our Mothers
Sunday, May 14:  1:30 pm – 3:30 pm PDT

We will be celebrating Mother’s Day and honoring mothers
and all beings who have been our mothers in countless lives.
Rinpoche shares practices to help us love and heal our other mothers:
the planet, nature, and the environment, and shares how we can
find balance with both our outer and inner environment
to support and honor ourselves and all beings
living together on our Mother Earth.

Both in-person and online registration are through Eventbrite.

Tickets are a suggested donation of
$25.00 per session, or
$90.00 for the weekend.
You may register for any topic that is of interest to you.

For information or questions, email

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