Pema Kilaya RangjungĀ Ngƶtsar Dzogchen Choling, begun in 2003, is the Buddhist sangha practicing and studying with
H.E. Dza Kilung Jigme Rinpoche.

It was founded in 2003 as part of the Kilung Foundationā€™s mission of bringing Buddhism to the West. Pema Kilaya now has members throughout the world.

Pema Kilaya provides a way for individuals to become formally recognized by Rinpoche as a student in the Dzogchen-Longchen Nyingtik lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Students and practitioners look to Rinpoche for inspiration, instruction through group teachings, individual practice guidance, mentorship, as well as sangha leadership. ThisĀ support and connection with Rinpoche, and also with each other as sangha members, encourages the development and fruition of one’s practice.

Most importantly, Pema Kilaya offers the opportunity for direct connection with a recognized teacher. Because Rinpoche speaks English and because the sangha is still relatively small, members are able to interact with, and learn from Rinpoche directly.Ā Pema Kilaya members range from those entering the path to those with decades of experience, as Rinpoche offers teachings and meditation opportunities for a wide range of practitioners.

In order to support the relationship between Rinpoche and sangha members, and to help students in their spiritual development, Pema Kilaya fulfills many purposes:

  • Providing a home and support for Rinpoche in the Pacific Northwest, on south Whidbey Island
  • Sponsoring and organizing teachings, meditations, practices, and retreats, both at Yeshe Long House and other locations
  • Providing a formal program of study and practice, which lays out the scope and sequence of developing as a serious Vajrayana student
  • Making relevant dharma materials available
  • Facilitating communication between Rinpoche and the sangha members.

Should individuals be interested in becoming a member of the Pema Kilaya Sangha, there are two ways to help sustain and be a part of Kilung Rinpocheā€™s mandala of activities: as a Dharma Wheel Supporter, and as a formal student of Kilung Rinpoche. To learn more about these, or to apply for membership, CLICK HERE

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